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  • Aluminum Oxide Nanocomposites
         For unsurpassed scratch resistance
  • NatureMatte Waxes
         Finely micronized natural, biodegradable PHBV for efficient matting and gloss control in paints, coatings and inks
  • Aqua Waxes
         For all water based applications
  • NyloTex Waxes
         For texture in high bake systems
  • AquaBead® Waxes
         For water repellency and moisture resistance
  • Polyethylene Waxes
         For rub and mar resistance
  • AquaKlean Waxes
         Aqueous wax emulsions for architectural applications
  • Polyfluo® Waxes
         For maximum slip and abrasion resistance
  • AquaTex® Waxes
         For texture in aqueous systems
  • PolyGlide
         For abrasion resistance and lubricity
  • GraphShield
         For improved anticorrosion
  • Polysilk Waxes
         For improved slip and tape release
  • MicroKlear Waxes
         For abrasion resistance with gloss retention & clarity
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
         For high surface lubricity and anti-blocking properties
  • MicroMatte®/PropylMatte/AquaMatte® Waxes
         For uniform matting and scratch resistance
  • PropylTex® Waxes
         For texture and gloss control
  • Micromide Waxes
         For lubricity and surface feel
  • Specialty Waxes
         For a wide variety of end uses
  • Micropro Waxes
         For anti-blocking and gloss control
  • SuperGlide/Synslip Waxes
         For smooth feel and gloss control
  • Microspersion® Wax Dispersions
         Specialized aqueous wax dispersions
  • Superslip Waxes
         For lubricity without PTFE
  • MicroTouch Products
         For soft touch coatings
  • Synfluo Waxes
         For lubricity and scratch resistance
  • NatureFine Waxes
         For seed coatings and other agricultural products.
  • Synthetic Waxes
         For lubricity and economy

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    Personal Care Division Website

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    Micro Powders Launches EU Compliant Fluo 400 PTFE Series
    Tarrytown, New York

    Micro Powders Awarded Patent for Nanocomposite Wax Powder
    Jul 06, 2020
    Tarrytown, New York

    China Coat
    Dec 08, 2020 - Dec 10, 2020
    Guangzhou, China

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