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  • Aluminum Oxide Nanocomposites
         For unsurpassed scratch resistance
  • NatureMatte Waxes
         Finely micronized natural, biodegradable PHBV for efficient matting and gloss control in paints, coatings and inks
  • Aqua Waxes
         For all water based applications
  • NyloTex Waxes
         For texture in high bake systems
  • AquaBead® Waxes
         For water repellency and moisture resistance
  • Polyethylene Waxes
         For rub and mar resistance
  • AquaKlean Waxes
         Aqueous wax emulsions for architectural applications
  • Polyfluo® Waxes
         For maximum slip and abrasion resistance
  • AquaTex® Waxes
         For texture in aqueous systems
  • PolyGlide
         For abrasion resistance and lubricity
  • GraphShield
         For improved anticorrosion
  • Polysilk Waxes
         For improved slip and tape release
  • MicroKlear Waxes
         For abrasion resistance with gloss retention & clarity
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
         For high surface lubricity and anti-blocking properties
  • MicroMatte®/PropylMatte/AquaMatte® Waxes
         For uniform matting and scratch resistance
  • PropylTex® Waxes
         For texture and gloss control
  • Micromide Waxes
         For lubricity and surface feel
  • Specialty Waxes
         For a wide variety of end uses
  • Micropro Waxes
         For anti-blocking and gloss control
  • SuperGlide/Synslip Waxes
         For smooth feel and gloss control
  • Microspersion® Wax Dispersions
         Specialized aqueous wax dispersions
  • Superslip Waxes
         For lubricity without PTFE
  • MicroTouch Products
         For soft touch coatings
  • Synfluo Waxes
         For lubricity and scratch resistance
  • NatureFine Waxes
         For seed coatings and other agricultural products.
  • Synthetic Waxes
         For lubricity and economy

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